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As the sun begins to shine and warmth fills the air, get ready for spring with Westerville Plumbing & Drain! We understand that you want your plumbing system in optimal condition for this beautiful season. To ensure everything runs as it should, we have some helpful tips to provide peace of mind: 


 1. CHECK THE MAIN WATER SHUT-OFF VALVE: Have you had to turn off/on your main water shut-off valve lately? It’s wise to verify every now and then that it’s able to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise with ease. If not, then upgrading or repairing this fixture is a must. Nobody wants to be stuck during an unexpected plumbing disaster! Let’s make certain that you can access your main water supply valve quickly in the event of an emergency; being prepared now will only benefit you later down the line. 


  • Faucets & Sink: Maintaining your home is key to avoiding unnecessary expenses, so make sure you conduct a thorough inspection for any dripping or leaking at the start of every season or at least frequently. You should inspect all fixtures both internally and externally in order to spot any sign of water seepage. In addition, it is imperative that you take a careful look at the pipes under your sinks, ensuring to check for rust and corrosion.  
  • Toilets: Avoid future inconveniences by staying alert to the toilets in your bathrooms! If you spot any water pooling or running nonstop, you will want to have this addressed as soon as possible. By taking prompt action now, a little issue won’t morph into an extensive challenge that could necessitate professional help for repairs.  

3. CHECK THE DRAINS: Sinks, showers, and fixtures all have the potential to become clogged. So, investing in a drain screen is wise, but is good to also ensure your drains receive light regular cleaning. If you keep up with the maintenance of your drains, you can curb having to hire a professional to clear your clogs. 

4. CHECK THE OUTDOOR FIXTURES: As the warmer weather approaches, it is essential to thoroughly inspect your outdoor fixtures for optimal operation. Start by running each spigot for roughly a minute; if there are any noises at first, wait until they dissipate, and water begins flowing constantly. Additionally, when shutting them off, make sure you carefully scan for lingering dripping or leaking from the spigots.  

5. CHECK THE WATER HOSES & SPRINKLERS: As you prepare your hoses and sprinkler system for the impending spring season, inspect them thoroughly to make sure there are no breaks or holes. Temperatures below zero can cause cracking or shrinking of materials, so it is important that these components receive a full assessment before being connected again outside.  

6. CHECK THE SUMP PUMP: As the beloved saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Thus, we think it is wise to inspect your sump pump in preparation for the rainy spring season! To check its functionality, simply add two buckets of water into its basin. If the pump does not activate, please reach out to us without hesitation. Furthermore, include cleaning this contraption as a main priority on your spring-cleaning list. Typically, a sump pump should be cleaned every three or four months! 

7. CHECK THE WATER HEATER: For excellent performance and prolonged life of your water heater, an annual inspection is vital. Through our expert services, we eliminate sediment buildup in the tank, so it functions even more efficiently than before! Don’t let sediment buildup impede your water heater’s optimal level; get a professional assessment today to maintain peak performance for many years to come. 

8. CHECK THE YARD DRAINS & GUTTERS: Keeping your gutters and yard drains free from debris is crucial as they are responsible for redirecting rain away from your home. If you don’t have enough time to manage these areas by yourself, you can hire a professional. However, make sure this task gets done prior to any significant rainfall arriving. 

Prepare for this upcoming season, by utilizing our helpful advice and taking all necessary precautions against any plumbing-related issues. If ever you feel uncomfortable or require guidance, we are here! You can reach Westerville Plumbing & Drain today at (614) 540-3437, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!