Have you ever stepped into a shower to be suddenly met with an icy chill? We’ve all been in the same situation at least once. The majority of this problem is caused by pilot lights on water heaters being blown out because some rooms lack insulation or windows have been left open that allow wind and drafts to snuff out the pilot light’s flame. Oftentimes, plumbers are called upon for such predicaments. 

Luckily, this is a task we think you can take on yourself if so desired! Your professionals at Westerville Plumbing & Drain want to help make all your worries vanish with our straightforward guide on how to relight it yourself! So, don’t wait any longer; follow these steps and enjoy having hot water in no time flat! 


Look no further; help is here!  

  1. To begin, you will need to locate the access panel on the side of your water heater. Depending on your type of tank, it may be secured with screws or latches; thus, carefully remove it and set it aside so that you can continue working seamlessly. By taking out the access panel, you will have a clear view of both elements – the electronic ignition system as well as the gas control valve.  
  1. To ensure your safety, it is critical that you turn the valve to “off” and shut off the gas supply before reigniting your pilot light. Allow 5-10 minutes after turning it off for any hazardous gases in the area to dissipate. This step should never be skipped! Adequately waiting guarantees that all the gas has cleared and nobody is put in danger. 
  1. Next, rotate the gas control valve to “pilot.”  
  1. To initiate, securely press and hold down the knob. Most of the time, these knobs function as buttons. Be sure to press in inward and continue holding it down. 
  1. To ignite the pilot flame on your water heater, press and hold down the small black square button. The pilot light should be set alight with just one click. If not, try again until it starts up! Just keep making sure you are pressing down on the “pilot” setting. 
  1. When the indicator light starts to blink after the pilot flame is relit, you can finally loosen your grip on the “pilot” button/knob. Breathe. Your pilot light is now relit! Congrats! 
  1. Personalize your water heater to the exact temperature settings you desire. 
  1. Restore the gas supply valve back to the “on” position.” 
  1. Return the access panel back to its original position. 

By following simple instructions, you can quickly and safely light your pilot light without fretting over any potential dangers. Just a few moments of focus are all it takes to restore warmth in your home!  

It’s essential to note that even with an electronic ignition system in your gas-powered water heater, a backup pilot light comes standard. That being said, any potential electrical malfunctions can be handled through manual lighting using either a lighter or a match and activating the reserve flame when needed. 

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