Summer means vacations, fun in the sun, catching up on various things, and, most of all, just kicking up your feet and relaxing when you can! We sincerely hope you have the best summer yet! It’s been a great year so far! With summer in high gear, it’s crucial for homeowners to stay alert to possible plumbing issues. Increased water usage, higher temperatures, and having visitors this time of the year increases the likelihood of plumbing problems occurring. You definitely don’t want to let these issues spoil your summer fun, so stay vigilant and be prepared. Join Westerville Plumbing & Drain today as we provide information on the typical plumbing problems that occur during the summer. 


1. OUTDOOR FAUCETS, SPRINKLERS, & WATER HOSES – To start, let’s discuss the typical issues with outdoor plumbing. Since summer is all about being outside, outdoor plumbing features like sprinklers, hoses, and faucets can create problems – especially if they’ve been in use for a while. The high temperatures and increased water use during the summer can lead to minor problems causing major issues like burst pipes underground or flooding in your yard or basement if left unaddressed.  

To avoid these big plumbing disasters, get into the habit of inspecting your hoses, sprinklers, fixtures, and faucets regularly for any visible damage or leaks. If you notice any issues, replace or repair them immediately. Ignoring minor problems for too long can lead to bigger issues down the line. Remember to leave major problems to licensed professionals. 

2. SEWER LINE BACKUP – Now, let’s talk about sewage. During summer, sewer lines can easily get clogged due to higher usage and other factors. It’s not a desirable situation to deal with. If you suspect that your sewage line might be having some problems, look out for certain signs such as foul smells, gurgling noises, clogged drains or toilets, and backups. If you suspect that your sewage line is not working properly or you have already identified an issue, please contact us right away. We will take care of everything and make sure that your sewage line is working properly again. 


1. LEAKING FAUCET – Dealing with leaky faucets can be frustrating. Unfortunately, many people let the problem persist for longer than necessary, leading to increased water wastage and potential long-term complications. It’s best to address the issue promptly. Generally, you can fix a leaking faucet by tightening the fixture or changing the washer. However, in some cases, you might need to replace the entire fixture to resolve the problem. Just make sure to take action as soon as you notice a drip, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.  

2. CLOGGED TOILET – Older plumbing systems are more susceptible to clogged toilets during the summer due to increased humidity levels and temperature changes. This is because the drain lines may experience rust, corrosion, or mineral buildup. It is recommended to seek professional help if you are dealing with this issue, as serious clogs can cause broken pipes due to pressure buildup. 

Additionally, during summertime, school-aged children are often at home, which can result in increased daytime water usage. Therefore, it’s advisable to take proactive measures and regularly check for cracks or leaks in your toilets to avoid costly repairs caused by neglected issues. 

3. LOW-WATER PRESSURE – During this season, low water pressure is a common issue that can happen due to changes in regional water levels or mineral buildup in your pipes. If you’re experiencing low water pressure, it’s recommended to call a professional plumber as soon as possible. 

4. WATER HEATER – If you are having problems with only lukewarm or no hot water during the summer, the cause may be your water heater. High summer temperatures can strain the heater, causing damage such as cracks. Another potential issue is sediment buildup, which can be resolved by flushing the water heater. Remember, hot water is just as important in the summer as it is in the winter. If you’re experiencing any issues with your hot water, don’t hesitate to call us. We will swiftly diagnose the problem and restore your hot water as soon as possible.   

5. WASHING MACHINE – Don’t forget to check your washing machine for potential summer problems. These can include clogged pipes or hoses, corrosion, and broken seals, which can cause system problems and wear and tear. Make sure to inspect it regularly, along with your other appliances, to watch out for leaks and damage. 

7. DISHWASHER AND GARBAGE DISPOSAL – During the summer season, when there are more opportunities for household or backyard gatherings, make sure only to put drain-safe foods into your garbage disposal. It may be tempting to dispose of food scraps by dropping them down the kitchen sink real quick, but doing so can cause a clogged garbage disposal and sink. Trust us; this is not a situation you want to deal with, especially in the middle of entertaining. Additionally, refrain from overloading your dishwasher as it can result in clogging due to food and other particles. Proper food disposal and dishwashing can help maintain the system’s efficiency throughout the summer.   

Westerville Plumbing & Drain is committed to delivering excellent customer service and exceeding customers’ expectations on every job. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free summer for our valued customers, and we assure you that we can handle all your plumbing needs and requirements with the utmost professionalism.  

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